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SEPTEMBER 17TH – 18TH, 2022
New York City, USA

About Tony Abulu

About Tony Abulu


Tony Abulu is Chairman of Blaze Channel, USA and Atlantic World Digital Communications. For 40 years, Abulu has propagated African cultural and Business opportunities in the USA. Driven by an unwavering commitment to present a positive global image for Africa and his native Nigeria in particular, Abulu, while publishing and editing the acclaimed Black Ivory Pan African Business and Culture Magazine, presented the First Africa Music Festival off Broadway, New York City (1990) and The National Troupe of Nigeria, USA tour (1992/ 94).
Following his first movie script “The Scroll” while in College in 1976 in Nigeria, and mentorship with Nigerian film and theatre icon Chief Hubert Ogunde, Abulu shot his first international feature film “Back To Africa” in 1997 and spent the next Ten years creating African film content distribution in the USA, which culminated in the establishment of the powerful Filmmakers Association of Nigeria, USA (FAN, USA) in 2004 and as President and CEO of the company, Abulu facilitated the USA tour of 50 Nollywood Superstar actors, producers and film distributors in the USA in 2004, thereby establishing a mega DVD distribution chain for Nollywood films in the US. By 2005, Nollywood films had become a major cultural force in America but unfortunately, had also attracted a terrible piracy culture. FAN, USA organized a Bi lateral Copyright Conference with the Nigerian Department of Justice and the United States DOJ, attracting major copyright Institutions from both Nations. In 2010, after massive community education on copyright infringement, Abulu with the support of the Brooklyn District Attorney’s office conducted a raid of Nollywood films pirate stores all over Brooklyn.

Earlier in 2005, Tony Abulu had produced the first Nigerian International Film Festival in New York City and established the African Artists Collaborated (AAC) in the US to support African arts products with Pro Bono US Copyright legal services. Abulu had also found time to write, produce and direct other feature films including “American Dream,” “Superstar” “Spellbound” and “Crazy like a Fox” which was nominated in the Best film category at the prestigious American Black Film Festival in Hollywood. By 2012 Abulu decided it was time to raise African film profile in the US and consequently produced and directed the acclaimed Afrocentric piece “Doctor Bello” which premiered at the prestigious Kennedy Centre, Washington, DC and was released unprecedentedly through AMC Theatres all over mainstream American Cinemas.

Abulu also received the great opportunity through AMC Theatres, to distribute select African film titles through the mega global cinema chain. “Doctor Bello” starring Isaiah Washington, Vivica A. Fox, Jimmy Jean Louis and Genevieve Nnaji has been acquired by Netflix in a Two-year global release deal, presently streaming live.

Continuing on his quest to empower Africa’s youth and create massive job opportunities for them, Abulu leveraged on Africa’s under- appreciated and under-utilized low hanging fruit, its Creative Industry already busting with limitless talent. He embarked on a strategy to facilitate training, content production, global distribution and monetization of the creative industry. Tony Abulu has consequently created and mobilized Blaze Channel Digital monetization platform www.blazechannel.com a self-sustaining and innovative digital monetization instrument to create millions of good paying jobs and hope for Africa’s languishing youths.

Tony Abulu

(Founder Africa Expo, USA)